Project Timer

Project Timer

Project Timer Project Timer is a windows taskbar app to time your projects. projects. The use of colour will give a fast overview of which timer is running in the taskbar notification area (tray icon). This way you can quickly but intrusively see if the timer for the project you`re working on is running. Activities can have different pricings per hour and the program keeps up the amount of money earned per project, as well as a summary for all your running projects. You can export your data into reports using the browser

SharePoint Project Timer 1.2.826.6: SharePoint Project Timer Web Part-Countdown to Your Target Date
SharePoint Project Timer 1.2.826.6

Project Timer web part is a powerful and flexible digital countdown timer that helps remind you of important, upcoming milestones and deadlines. It displays as a digital clock that shows you the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds remaining until the target end-date and end-time, making it a versatile tool to keep track of time for long-term project planning. The SharePoint Project Timer also includes a complete suite of adjustable visual

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Project Timer Pro for Windows 1.1.2

It is the easiest and most powerful cross-platform time tracking software available. Excellent for lawyers, independent professionals, consultants and especially organizations (like graphic design firms, law offices, consultants and other groups of professionals) that need to monitor the time they spend on various tasks for clients.

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Xpert-Timer Project Time Tracking 2.5: Project time tracking, To-Do list, reporting and invoicing (Pro-Version)
Xpert-Timer Project Time Tracking 2.5

project time tracking software includes a stopwatch that automatically stopps your project times and floats on your desktop. No need of entering times manually anymore. With Xpert-Timer you can assign projects to other users, send them tasks, export reports or print them if desired.The activity report keeps you always updated on the project progress and offers many filter functions. The synchronization module allows you to record your project time

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Advanced Time Reports Timer 8.0.79: Time Tracking & Project Management Solution to help you increase billable hours
Advanced Time Reports Timer 8.0.79

Timer helps you to track your projects and time spent with a single click . ATR Timer runs in Windows system tray and tracks your projects with 1 click - you can start, pause or stop your project just by clicking on ATR Timer icon. It can allocate your time to a specific predefined project or give you an option to choose a client and a project yourself, along with project description. ATR Timer is an addon and it works with ATR Professional and ATR

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Work Log & Activity Timer 3.1: Track the time you spend on the computer, with alarms & eye protection reminders
Work Log & Activity Timer 3.1

projects individually. You can change the project or set it to working or not working with a quick right click on the icon. Also can be set so that the projects list shows whenever you move the mouse into the corners of the screen. You can also automatically change project when you use particular windows or documents You can set it to flash its icon, flash the border of the screen, show a splash screen, or play any tune or CD track when your desired

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Clockshop Lite 2.0.3

timers -Three types of timers: Manual, Applications, Windows Captions (using documents names). -Each timer tracks both - the active work time with a document and downtime, when the document was opened, but you did not work with it. -Printing statistics. -Timers are independence of projects: If you do not want to use projects, simply close the projects window. This will not affect the way the timers work. -Know how much time you work per day -The

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